Kashf Foundation Loan Check

Kashf Foundation Loan

Kashf Foundation Loan. Do you want to get complete details of the Kashf Foundation loan? Are you looking for a loan from the Kashf Foundation but don’t know how to get it, how to apply for a Kashf loan, and what are the requirements? If yes, then you will read and complete this article. This is because I have collected complete details about the Kashf  Loan Online Application. This page will cover the following topics ie Kashf Foundation Eligibility Criteria, Kashf Foundation Registration Process, and related information. Come to know all the details about the Kashf Foundation loan scheme.

 All Details of Kashf Foundation loan Scheam:

  • Loan 2023 Apply Online.
  • Kashf Foundation Loan For Males and Females in Pakistan.
  • Kashf Loan Calculator.
  • Kashf Loan Process.
  • Kashf Corona Relief Program 2023.
  • Kashf Corona Loan 2023.
  • Kashf Emergency Loan in Pakistan.
  • Specifications for Kashf Loan (KEL).
  • Kashf Karobar Karza (KKK) Application Form Online.
  • Features & Specifications Kashf Karobar Karza (KKK).
  • Kashf Murabaha Loan Scheme Details.
  • Features and Specifications for Kashf Murabaha Loan.
  • How to apply For Loan?
  • Kashf Contact Numbers.

Kashf Foundation Loan Check

Online Apply for Kashf Foundation Loan 2024:

Kashf Foundation is registered as a non-banking microfinance company operating under the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Kashf was founded in 1996 and is still very popular among people. This foundation provides various services for managing deserving and poor women micro-entrepreneurs.

Kashf Foundation Loan in Pakistan for Females and Males:

KaKashf business loan is the primary lending product offered by the Kashf Foundation to clients who wish to start their own business, expand their existing enterprise, or those qualified deserving women who intend to re-start their shut-down business (applicable to businesses that have been shut down since a minimum of three months). kashf Loan can also be availed by women who wish to help members of their households that are running small businesses.

Kashf Foundation Loan Basic Calculator:

Now This time many service programs are running under Kashf Foundation. i.e. Promoting High-Quality Education through Kashf School Samara program, Building a Social Safety Net, Empowering Women to Build Sustainable Communities, and some others. They believe that women are the champions of change and that educated women can make a best and strong community.

 Loan Process of Kashf Foundation:

There are almost 128,076 karza disbursed through Kashf Foundation. If we discuss the amount which has been given through the Kashf loan Program or loan scheme is 2.11 Billion PKR. Here I’ll tell you the News Update Features and Specifications of the Kashf Foundation Loan. That’ll help to consider the Kashf Easy Loan scheme easily. Come to know the basic features of Kashf Loan.

Kashf Corona Relief Program New Update 2024: 

Pakistan is going through an Unparalleled difficult time. The novel coronavirus has wreaked havoc, resulting in Pakistan having to resort to a lockdown to curb the spread of the virus. The lockdown has Out of balance impacted the daily wage earners and small business owners who are dependent on a daily income to make ends meet.

The Kashf Foundation is leading the charge once more to defend the nation’s underprivileged population during these difficult times. It is the first microfinance institution to not only rearrange customer loan payments, but it has also started a Rashan program to help its low-income clientele. The Relief program will address the following people’s urgent needs:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Households falling below the poor score of 30
  • Women headed households
  • Households with vulnerable income

Kashf Foundation Emergency Loan for Qualified People:

Kashf Easy Loan (KEL) is a new loan program that gives urgent loan amounts for small businesses or any purpose. The Process of getting a loan of 15,000 PKR is very easy Registration. Kashf Easy Loan provides those qualified Females who want to fulfill their financial needs on an urgent basis. With this KEL, a deserving female can get the loan in easy conditions & very urgently in less time.

Specifications & features for Kashf Easy Loan (KEL):

Time Duration One year
Installments 12 (monthly instalments)
Quantity PKR 15,000
Insurance Life Insurance available with this product

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Specifications Features &  Kashf Karobar Karza (KKK)

Time Duration 1 year (12 months)
Installments 12 (Equally monthly installments)
Quantity Up to PKR 40,000 to PKR 100,000)
Documentation PKR 250 (Paid in Monthly Installments)
Insurance 2 Plans are given with Maternity Coverage and not 1850 and 1200 Respectively

Specifications Features and for Kashf Murabaha Loan


Time Duration 1 year (12 months)
Installments 12 Month Lease
Quantity Up to PKR 35,000 to PKR 75,000
Documentation PKR 400

How To Apply for a Kashf Loan Scheme?

Those who wish to apply with us for a Kashf Loan to improve their lives are welcome. To apply for a Kashf loan, interested parties must visit any Kashf Foundation branch and complete the application.

Details About Kashf:

  • You can check also the PMC Registration Form 2023 Last Date.
  • Kashf Contact Numbers.
  • Phone: +92-42-111-981-981
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: +92-42-35248916



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