Yamaha Bike Installment Plan Announce

Yamaha Bike Installment Plan

Yamaha Bike Installment Plan Announce: The company has once again revealed a thorough QIST plan that is available to everyone. Keep in mind that this offer is only available to a select few. The Bank Al Falah Credit Card can be used. This service is available to everyone who uses Bank Al Falah and has an account with the bank.


As you can see from the specifics, this list approach is helpful but has several drawbacks. The Al Falah Credit Card is the only credit card that offers zero compounding benefits. It is reported that the Zero Percent Male presentation lasts slightly more than nine minutes. Offers for 18, 12, 24, and 36 months.

Yamaha Bike Installments New Update 2024

A strategy has been created in this way for the underprivileged and worthy individuals. How many people can use their Al Falah Bank earnings to purchase a motorcycle? They will also receive motorcycles in convenient installments.

Bit by bit, the bike installments are getting smaller. There are rumors that the bike will cost slightly more than it did when it was first purchased. You will receive these motorcycles in convenient installments.

Yamaha Bike Installment Plan Announce

In addition, the business has disclosed a lending plan that is interest-free for a whole year. All Yamaha motorcycles with a down payment of less than 50% are covered by this plan.

Given the recent rise in prices, this can be extremely advantageous for purchasers.

This is the moment to realize your aspirations. now you can get a Yamaha bike in easy installments.

Yamaha Bike Price In Pakistan 2024

In partnership with Yamaha Motor Company, Bank Al-Falah is promoting the purchase of Yamaha motorcycles at a markup of 0%. Those who would like to purchase a motorcycle with no markup and would like to do it in installments can get in touch with Bank Al-Falah right now. Has Bank Alfalah decided to resume its August 1st–August 31st installment program, in which case interested parties can get in touch with the bank and receive the Yamaha motorcycle at a markup of 0%?

Yamaha YBR 125G Installment Monthly Plan Zero Markup 2024

Yamaha YBR 125G 2024 MCB Bank Monthly Installment
Yamaha YBR 125G Price Rs.419,000
3 Months Installments Rs.139,667 (Zero Markup)
6 Months Installments Rs.69,833 (Zero Markup)
12 Months Installments Rs.42,724 (With Markup)
18 Months Installments Rs.31,112 (With Markup)
24 Months Installments Rs.25,412 (With Markup)
30 Months Installments Rs.22,074 (With Markup)
30 Months Installments Rs.19,914 (With Markup)


In addition to giving prospective consumers an inexpensive option to own a new bike, the Yamaha YBR 125G payment plan from 2024MCB also gives them a chance to effectively manage their finances. For individuals who can afford to pay larger monthly payments, the no-markup plans for the three and six-month installments are a very appealing option. Although there is a markup for consumers with long-term payment plans, the 12 to 30-month installments are still competitive when compared to other market prices.

The flexibility this plan offers is one of its best qualities. One big benefit for buyers who might be able to pay off their debt at any time is that they can do so without incurring any penalties. debt before the deadline. Moreover, the plan permits a change in the payment schedule following the clearance of 50% of the outstanding sum. This degree of adaptability guarantees that the plan will be able to change to accommodate the buyer’s evolving financial situation.


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