UK Scholarship For Pakistani Students

UK Scholarship

UK Scholarship University of Oxford Clarendon Scholarship 2024 in the UK is a high-standing scholarship for international students who want to pursue postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. International students can go after master’s or DPhil programs at Oxford University for the academic year 2024. Over and above that, the scholarship will support both full-time and part-time students. The scholarship in the UK will also present a chance. For all exceptional kids to have free education at Oxford. There is no separate application form for students who Apply before the closing date.; The University of Oxford will instantly take into account the admission application for the Clarendon Scholarship 2024. The Oxford University scholarship is a great chance for brilliant students who cannot study at any international university due to their Unreasonability.

UK Scholarship For Pakistani Students:

The University of Oxford will award 130 top applicants with fully funded scholarships to study at such an honorable university in the UK and get a chance to be a part of Oxford, assist scholars, and conduct research. Students from All around any nationality are eligible to apply for the fully funded Clarendon scholarship at Oxford. As the Clarendon scholarship at the University of Oxford is fully funded, the university has no application fee; the application procedure is free of charge. Another good thing about studying in the United Kingdom is that a two-year work permit is also provided by the British government. Fully financed UK scholarships are a fantastic opportunity to enroll in the most prestigious university in the world, which is the goal of every bright student. 

UK Scholarship For Pakistani Students

Study In UK Scholarship New Update 2023-24:

The University of Oxford Clarendon scholarship for international students in the UK has always been one of the world’s most high-standing and demanding scholarships for international students. The fully funded Clarendon scholarship is very aggressive. By studying at Oxford University, international students will not only get superior education but also exposure to world-class international labs and facilities; an opportunity to study and carry out research under top faculty, researchers, and supervisors. Hence, grasp this chance and get ready to experience one of the world’s top universities. Consequently, grasp this chance and get ready to experience one of the world’s top universities. Additionally, the Clarendon scholarship for graduates at the University of Oxford pays for living expenses in addition to tuition fees. In this manner, students may concentrate on their coursework, lead busy lives in Oxford, unwind, mingle, and grow their professional networks. A master’s scholarship lasts for two years, whereas a Ph.D. fellowship lasts for three to four years.

UK Scholarship University of Oxford Scholarships:

The Clarendon funds of the University of Oxford seek to set themselves apart from other tuition-paying scholarships and financing programs. Clarendon aims to develop a community of intelligent and gifted academics who will improve the world. This worldwide scholarship is intended to support deserving graduate students as they pursue further coursework at the University of Oxford. The oldest university in nations where English is the primary language is the University of Oxford. International students from 150 different countries make up one-third of Oxford University’s student body. You must carefully study the text to learn more about the fully funded scholarship available to international students in the UK. By Oxford ScholarShip, desired Students can get the solution to problems related to their future.

Available Fields for Clarendon Scholarship:

The Clarendon scholarship in the UK is open to nearly all the academic fields available for the master’s and PhD programs. 

  • Anthropology 
  • Archaeology
  • Arts and Middle Eastern studies
  • Biochemistry
  • Mathematical, Physical, and Life Science
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Continuing Education (Social Science)
  • Classics
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Neuroscience
  • Psychology
  • Computer Science
  • Continuing Education (Humanities)
  • Continuing Education (Medical and Health Science)
  • Doctoral Training Centre (Medical Sciences)
  • This list has mentioned the fields offered for the Clarendon Scholarship.
  • You can also review the list of all courses offered in these fields.

Degree Levels Under Oxford University Scholarship:

  • Master’s Degree Program
  • DPhil Degree Program/PhD

Eligibility Criteria Of Oxford Clarendon Scholarship:

When you read the above information, are you considering applying for this postgraduate scholarship in the UK? Next, get to work on your scholarship application. To make sure you qualify, see the requirements before completing the application. The following is a list of eligibility requirements.

  • The Oxford Clarendon Scholarship is not subject or field-restricted. 
  • Candidates must be accepted into Oxford University and receive an offer of admission for a graduate degree (master’s or DPhil) in the field of their choice. 
  • Your selected subject, field, or course will determine the requirements and selection criteria.
  • For Clarendon Scholarships, there are no limitations based on race, gender, or nationality. 
  • Additionally, provided they fulfill the course/field requirements, students from any nation are eligible to apply for scholarships.
  • This UK grant is also available to international master’s students who wish to pursue a second master’s degree or DPhil at Oxford University on a part-time basis.
  • The applicant must meet the requirements of the course and have a strong academic background.


With the Oxford Clarendon Scholarship 2024, you can now study in the UK. There are numerous advantages to this postgraduate fellowship program in the UK. The following is a list of perks and financial coverage provided by Opportunities Circle: 

University of Oxford Clarendon Scholarship Benefits:

  • The master’s and Ph.D. program’s entire tuition will be covered for scholars. 
  • In addition, Clarendon will pay a living expense award for a predetermined amount of time.
  • The annual award will be adequate to pay the student’s living expenses on its own.
  • This is a fantastic chance to study for free in the UK.
  • Expand your network and advance your career.
  • The Clarendon Scholars Association will also accept the scholars as members.
  • With the Oxford Clarendon Scholarship, you can live and study in the UK for nothing.

Requirements for the Oxford Clarendon Application:

  1. Personal Information.
  2. Proof of Awards or Certificates.
  3. Research Proposal (if applicable).
  4. Academic Transcripts or degrees.
  5. Passport
  6. Depending on the course you’re applying for, additional documents can be needed.


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