Roshan Gharana Program

Roshan Gharana Program

Roshan Gharana Program: Do you want to save electricity costs while helping the environment? Opt out of the Roshan Gharana program! The useful program of the Punjab government brings free solar panel setup to eligible generations across the region. Call for free solar panels through the 8800 code. Here is an idea of how to get this great program by applying online.

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What Is The Roshan Gharana Program?

The Roshan Gharana program seeks to provide free solar power systems to 50,000 residents of Punjab. These developments will help reduce utility costs while reducing grid dependency and promoting sustainable energy practices.

Who Is Qualified For It?

Also, formal specifications for eligibility keep changing. Current details show that the program aims to target people in Punjab who need less than 100 units of electricity per month.

How To Apply Online Via 8800 Code Roshan Gharana Program

The application process for the Roshan Gharana program is simple. Send an SMS to 8800 with your name, CNIC number, and previous electricity bill amount. You will receive a confirmation SMS containing your unique application number and a link to the application site. Fill out the form carefully, ensuring all the information is correct. Send scanned copies of history such as your CNIC, most recent Authority Bill, and roof size drawing.

Whenever you check the form and attach all required documents, submit your application digitally. A program administrator will visit your application.

What Will Happen Next?

Immediately after you submit your enrollment request, you will start receiving status updates via SMS. If correct, the program will arrange the position of the solar panel system on your roof. Actions may include a visit by scientists to your home to assess your roof’s conformance and reveal installation information.

Very Important Considerations

  • Solar panel installation program recommendations
  • Limited to 50 thousand households.
  • Ensure a clear and suitable roof area for panel installation.
  • Recheck the application information for delays.
  • The program covers panel and installation costs, future maintenance/repairs may be the responsibility.


A bright household risk is a great way to adopt green power while reducing your electricity costs. Demanding cheap solar energy sources is now a priority due to the simple trick of implementing the in-line method provided by the 8800. So don’t miss this rare opportunity to responsibly power your home while contributing to a better future.


Is there any last date to apply for Roshan Gharana?

There is no official update yet to identify the final date. While only one pair of seats is available, registering early increases your chances of getting selected.

What if I don’t have an electronic device or access to the web?

Fortunately, through internet application advice, you can find out about alternative options to apply at your nearest Bank of Punjab workplace.

What kind of power will solar panels collect?

The length and capacity of the solar panel system will depend on the roof space and power consumption. However, the initiative recommends providing enough power for a significant portion of the power needs of the installation.

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