Rasta App City Traffic Police

Rasta App City Traffic Police

Rasta App City Traffic Police New Update 2024. The finest online service provided by Punjab Police is the Rasta App. This is the Punjab Information Council’s finest effort. This is a fantastic invention from PITB. To obtain your driver’s license on time, use this app to save time. Bradley, who minimizes and stays away from traffic cops, would love this free service.

You have to visit the Punjab Police Station first, which often wastes valuable time. Now, a single click may access every site on the internet.

Rasta App City Traffic Police Lahore:

Many clever solutions to everyday problems have been made possible by technology during the last few decades. The Rasta App is one example of how several government offices in Pakistan are utilizing technology to improve people’s lives. The app was initially released in Lahore in 2017 and has integration with Google Maps to provide real-time location and traffic updates for every route in the city.

It might be annoying to get stopped in traffic, particularly if you’re going from work to home or the other way around. You question whether you could have escaped the situation if you had been aware of the obstacle sooner. Thankfully, digitization is the way of the future, and Pakistani government agencies are striving to offer intelligent answers to traffic-related issues; one excellent example of this is the Rasta App. It provides real-time information about traffic jams, protests, sit-ins, and any other occurrence on the road, among many other services. To help you avoid traffic bottlenecks, the app also keeps you updated about city roadways constantly.

Service Provided by Rasta Application:

  • Look for the button.
  • Complaints or comments about the traffic police.
  • Report the traffic accident to the traffic police.
  • police cars are used in schools.
  • news and happenings about traffic enforcement.
  • Check your license’s status. The crime list can be used to check Police charge charges online. Within the
  • Using the Rasta app, you may explore significant locations in your city, including parks, hospitals, and historical sites. This submission 
  • a driver’s license service.
  • has driver’s license tracking delivery options.
  • See daily flights and train journeys.
  • Online Driving School Exam and Curriculum.
  • Traffic Consultancy
  • Route Planner
  • Challan Payment. You can pay Police Chalan online.
  • Electronic Driver’s License (You can get an electronic driver’s license.
  • Let the police drive.
  • You can still revoke your license. When it’s late, you can arrange for the police to come from behind. You can find
  • driver’s licenses and driver’s licenses and driver’s license test centers.

New Update 2024:

Rasta App City Traffic Police

Rasta App City Traffic Police

  • Every Punjabi citizen is served equally by Rasta App Lahore.
  • All residents of all Punjabi cities are eligible to use this online traffic policing service.
  1. Driver Lahore Schedule
  2. Rasta License Application

Download the Rasta Application:

You can download it from the Play Store.

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