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Qaumi Sehat Card Program 2024

Qaumi Sehat Card: The Sehat Sahulat Program Health Card is a government-issued card designed to enable Pakistan’s impoverished citizens to receive medical care at the country’s best hospitals by using it. Imran Khan started this scheme to provide free medical care to Pakistan’s Poor and deserving people underprivileged citizens. 

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The ability for every impoverished individual to receive care in Punjab’s largest hospitals was a tremendous accomplishment for the Pakistani government. Through Qaumi Sehat Card, the underprivileged population of Pakistan receives free medical care in hospitals located throughout the country. Additionally, they lead profitable lives and can obtain their needs met without having to bring cash to hospitals, and treatment for free.

Health Card Check Online

Card for health benefitsIf you would like to know how to verify your status in the health card program and whether you qualify for it or not, this article will explain how to do so. Those who are not qualified for this program should register for it using a different method. After that, they will qualify for this initiative.


Qaumi Sehat Card

You now need to send your National CNIC to 8500 through mobile inbox using the new procedure. This program will send you a confirmation SMS from 8500 on your mobile. You fit the requirements for this program. You can receive treatment for yourself at any nearby hospital. Furthermore, there is no fee of any type to be paid. The treatment you receive is free.

The First Step in Using the QAUMI Sehat Card / SEHAT INSAF Card is to Verify Your Eligibility

Step 1: To see if you qualify for the program, text your National Identity card number to 8500.

Step 2: Obtain your Qaumi Sehat Card or Sehat Insaf card in step two.

If you are qualified, visit the card distribution center set up in your region to obtain your Sehat Insaf or Qaumi Sehat card.

Step 3: Compile the necessary data and documents

Find the hospitals that have been listed by the Sehat Sahulat Program.

When you visit the government/private hospital that has been accredited, bring the necessary documentation.

Original National CNIC B-Form for the Sehat Insaf Card or Qaumi Sehat Card (In case of child treatment)

Step 4: To receive treatment, use your Health card.

Once you get to the listed hospital, you might For additional help, go to the designated SSP representative counter. Your Sehat Insaf card or Qaumi Sehat card will be verified by the SSP personnel, who will also direct you to the appropriate hospital department for your treatment.

Step 5: Receive free medical care

Following hospital admission, the patient’s Sehat Insaf card or Qaumi Sehat card would be used to cover the cost of treatment.

NOTE: This facility is only provided if a patient requires a hospital admission.

Step 6: Feedback

Give us a call at 0800-09009 with your comments. The SSP team will also give you a call to get your input on the care and experience you had.

You may also use our website’s feedback form to give us your comments or complaints.

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