Punjab Rozgar Scheme

Punjab Rozgar Scheme

The most significant project of the Punjab government is the Punjab Rozgar Scheme. This will see the distribution of 30 billion rupees. Long-term loans are given to small, medium, and home companies through commercial banks under the Rozgar Scheme.

The Punjab Rozgar Scheme was created specifically to give young people job possibilities so they could obtain employment through loans.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2024

An epidemic is known by the name of coronavirus. Another name for it is COVID-19. In 2019, it spread across the entire nation. As a result, the entire nation was put under lockdown. Additionally, businesses were constantly shuttered. And the underprivileged folks lacked. Work has been completed. The Punjab government launched the Punjab Rozgar scheme campaign to lessen how the coronavirus affects people’s lives and company operations. 

Punjab Employment Scheme Online Apply

By obtaining loans in this way, low-income individuals can launch their own companies, thereby boosting the number of existing companies. or launch a new company. You are eligible for a loan between one lakh and one crore rupees under the Punjab Rozgar Sechem. There is a discount facility for loans longer than six months, and the loan term ranges from two to five years.

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Punjab Rozgar Scheme

This program offers loans through the Bank of Punjab. VOP Tower Main Boulevard Gulberg Lahore is to the Bank of Punjab’s corporate offices. The management of the Bank has put plans and policies into place to forge a distinctive position in the market. with the years of experience of the Bank. It is getting stronger.

Eligibility Criteria

The Punjab Rozgar Scheme’s eligibility requirements have been established by the Pakistani government. The qualifying requirements must be met to obtain a loan from this institution.

  • Age requirements for loans range from 20 to 50 years old.
  • Transgender people, men, and women can apply for the loan.
  • The borrower must reside in Punjab and Pakistan.
  • Moreover, it must be CNIC Punjab validated.
  • Loans are available for both solo and partnership businesses.
  • CNIC must be current.
  • It must be the business’s nature.

Application Prosses

Applying for the Punjab Rozgar Scheme is quite simple. You can submit an online application while lounging at home. To apply, go to the government’s official website, where you’ll see Punjab Rozgar Scheme GOV PK. It will be marked with the application login information. You must log in if you have previously registered.

Two options, one of which is Forget, will be seen below the form if you are not signed up for it. Second application sign up with password. Click on Application Sign Up to begin. You will see another form after clicking. which requires a password and full name, CNIC number, and mobile number. You click the register button after providing all of this information. Next, you will be signed up for this program.

How is the Punjab Rozgar Scheme?

The purpose of the Punjab Employment Scheme is to protect the unemployed in Punjab. It should be better for them. To enhance the standard of living for the underprivileged in Punjab, an employment program will be created with this inflation in mind.

The Punjab Employment Scheme Registration

The following paperwork must be submitted to register for the Punjab Rozgar Scheme.

  • A picture of a whole face
  • The front of an ID card
  • The ID card’s reverse side
  • highest level of education
  • Certificate of Experience.
  • Identifiers for each electricity bill at your present address
  • Customer number on your electric bill at your current workplace
  • Number of any vehicle(s) that are registered in your name
  • Names of two references who are not blood relations, along with their phone numbers and ID card numbers
  • To apply, you must have a mobile number in your name.


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