Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme: Which students are eligible for the PM Youth Laptop Scheme 2024? Pakistan’s government has announced the distribution of laptops to deserving and eligible students after the election of 2024. This laptop scheme is for deserving and unemployed students. Pakistan’s most important resource is its youth. Pakistan is distinct from other nations in that the majority of its people—63 percent—are under thirty. Pakistan’s government makes investments in the future of its youth by offering high-quality education, jobs, and employment opportunities. The Pakistani government has launched targeted initiatives to lower unemployment by giving young people the necessary skills.

PM Youth Laptop Scheme

The government of Pakistan declared that gifted kids will have access to laptops for online learning. With the help of this project, gifted students in higher education institutions across the nation, including those in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, will receive computers. The Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme has been authorized for implementation. Under this plan, one lakh computers will be distributed.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2024

Laptops supply to students this is a clear, online system. Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission effectively implemented two previous programs of this kind. Approximately one lakh students from all over Pakistan received the newest laptops through the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme thanks to funding worth crores of rupees granted by the government of Pakistan.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

Eligibility Criteria for Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

As he did during his previous tenure as Chief Minister of Punjab,  Muhammad Shahbaz Shareef has expressed his interest in personally distributing free laptops to students. He will visit each university to hand the laptops to deserving students. To show them love and support, he wants to give laptops to students attending distant universities in Sindh and Fata. 

PM Laptop Scheme Eligibility Criteria Are The Same As In The Previous Two Schemes

  • Students are requested to renew their National Identity Card. If their National Identity Card has expired, their applications will not be approved.
  • Students must have a valid National Identity Card to qualify for the pm youth laptop scheme.
  • The Applicants must come before the last date of registration for the PM Laptop Scheme.
  • Students should be admitted required to universities.
  • The free PM laptop program may also be available to degree-seeking technical engineering students and students at private universities accredited by HEC.
  • Distance learning organizations that are not listed on HEC’s registration list are not eligible to apply for the PM laptop program.

Laptop Scheme 2024 Distribution Criteria

Youth in the field of information technology will be empowered by the Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme 2024. Students find it challenging to purchase a new laptop due to the daily rise in prices brought on by global forces. Eligible students can now obtain the newest laptops and stay up to date on the newest technology thanks to the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme.

The following are the requirements that HEC has established for the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme distribution.

Students who qualify will receive laptops based on merit.

  • The university participating in the laptop program will be chosen based on the government-issued quota. 
  • The Balochistani students who deserve it would receive 14% of the allotted laptops, according to the Prime Minister. 
  • As part of the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme, 14,000 laptops would be given to Baloch students. 
  • The remaining 86 thousand laptops would be dispersed among Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s remaining four provinces. 
  • The Pakistani government has stated that it intends to raise the quantity of computers by 2024.

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