PM Laptop Scheme Quota for Balochistan

PM Laptop Scheme

PM Laptop Scheme Quota for Balochistan Students, The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council is anticipated to approve the revised phase-wise quota of merit-based laptop distribution for students in the province of Balochistan (ECNEC). ECNEC would raise the laptop scheme quota for students in Balochistan from 6% to 18%.

New Update 2024

A summary of the Planning Commission. Sent to the ECNEC states that the sponsor provided the laptop distribution merit criteria and the laptop capital cost and merit criterion cost breakdown.

PM Laptop Scheme Quota for Balochistan Students

PM Laptop Scheme

Students in all degree programs will be given laptops based on merit alone, and the quantity of computers assigned to each program will be determined by enrollment.

  1. 70% of the marks for semester system students (2.88 CGPA) and 60%. Of the marks for the annual system students have been attained by the students.
  2. Students enrolled in the first semester of BS will need to submit their HSSC results. Which will be converted into CGPA appropriately. Nevertheless, first-semester MS/PhD students will need to enter their final degree program values (CGPA/GPA).  The percentage conversion will follow the specified formula.
  3. Top-performing students will be evaluated for the “award of laptops.  As per their respective quota (year-wise or semester-wise)” based on the quota allotted to each department and program.
  4. For BS/Diploma programs, the allocation system will be year-wise; however, for MS/MPhil, or equivalent degree programs, and their corresponding quota/allocation in merit, the allocation system will be semester-wise.

PM Laptop Scheme For Balochistan

One of the five-year initiatives that was introduced as part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Schemes. In 2013 was the Prime Minister’s Laptops Scheme, according to government documents.

500,000 laptops were bought and distributed to the students in two phases according to the proclaimed program’s requirements and the PPRA Rules.

It was up to the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to implement the program.  And develop the guidelines and protocols for laptop distribution under this initiative.

Furthermore, the PM Youth Laptop Scheme Phase-Ill is now underway to distribute 100,000 laptop computers to worthy students by 2023.

Additionally, the budget approved the Prime Minister’s idea, the “Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme,” on June 6, 2023. to become a part of PSDP FY 2024–2025

At the ECNEC meeting on, 2024, the proposal was examined and approved with conditions. The sponsors have filed a revised PC-1 in response to the ECNEC’s decision.


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