Pakistani Rupee Increased The Value

Pakistani Rupee Increased

Pakistani Rupee Increased. The Pakistani rupee has experienced tremendous appreciation in Saudi Arabia, but it has also experienced significant growth at the same time. For example, the cheapness of the riyal has caused its price to rise to 21 rupees, and so on, while the Indian rupee has decreased by 3 rupees, making the Bangladesh taka more expensive by 24 rupees.

سعودی عرب میں پاکستانی روپے کی قدر بڑھ گئی ہے ریال کی قیمت میں 21 پیسے گر گئے جبکہ بھارتی روپیہ تین پیسے اور بنگلہ دیش 24 پوشیہ مہنگا ہو گیا

Pakistani Rupee Increased | Saudi Arabian Riyal New Update 2024:

The Saudi Arabian Riyal has dropped by 21 paise and is now worth 76.59 rupees, while the value of the Pakistani Rupee Increased has grown in the Saudi Arabian market, according to a report in the Arab media. Pakistanis are quite happy about this.  There is a claim that our income is rising.

Pakistani Rupee Increased The Value

New Update The Indian Rupee Has Increased in Value:

In addition, let us inform you that the Indian rupee has climbed in value by 3 paise, to 22.19 rupees now, while the Bangladeshi rupee has increased from 24 rupees. These details are based on an Indian article.  29.56 million rupees, which is significant news for India.

Latest Update Saudi Arabian Riyal:

Additionally, allow us to inform you that the Saudi Riyal exchange transaction has altered following the different transactions that Saudi Arabia conducted on Friday, November 16, 2023.

The identities of those who send money to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia as well as their fees have been made public:

  • The fees associated with certain transactions and banks have also shifted.
  • Zoray claims that we have been informed that Bank Algiers would impose a new transaction fee of 10 riyals in addition to 76 rupees and 19 paise.
  • STC pays a fee of 17.25 Rials and 75 Rial 83 Paise.
  • Al Raji Bank’s cost is 10 Rials, and its value is 75 Rupees 92 Paisa.
  • In addition, its charge has been lowered to 23 riyals from 76 rupees and 21 paise, just like other banks like Western Union.
  • In a similar vein, the cost of the money gram has been lowered to 23 riyals from 76 rupees to 21 paise.
  • Additionally, Telemoney modified their costs, lowering them from 75 rupees to 69 paise 15 riyals.



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