Pak Suzuki Announced Installment Plans

Pak Suzuki

Pak Suzuki Announced Installment Plans: The car industry in Pakistan is going through a tough moment. Purchases and sales of secondhand cars are critical to Pakistan Suzuki’s continued existence as the country’s leading automaker. The government lacks a well-thought-out plan to turn around the faltering industry because of the present economic instability.

 Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company has suffered more than any other company in the market. Therefore, all Pak Suzuki customers are notified that the corporation has begun to provide profit to individuals who purchase old cars. Meezan Bank is launching a unique program featuring used automobiles in partnership with Bank Al-Falah to draw clients.

Pak Suzuki Motors Announced the Easy Installment Package:

Whose plan offers several advantages, including discounted rates on Mar Cup, 50% off the Sharia processing cost, concessional insurance, and the possibility of residual value financing for a maximum of three years. There is an eight-year maximum funding period. Pak Suzuki PSMC is facing a dire predicament in Pakistan’s car industry.


The corporation has asked Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s government to lower taxes and duties on cars with engines up to 1,000 cc in an attempt to save itself. as the biggest producer of light commercial vehicles and passenger cars in the nation. In Pakistan, PSMC is essentially one of the low-engine cars that are operated there. After the tax cut, he hopes that his car will increase tremendously

Pak Suzuki Announced Installment Plans

Pak Suzuki Installment Package New Update 2024:

  • The plan offers several advantages, such as a three-year residual value support option and a fifty percent discount on the cost of subsidized Bima Shari’a.
  • The government of Pakistan Suzuki has requested a reduction in the tax because to the current circumstances.
  • that extra charges and levies shouldn’t be included in the next government budget, particularly for cars with engines smaller than 1,000 cc.
  • Careful thought and action are required in this situation. Tell us what you think about the current scenario.

Alto Car Price In Pakistan New Update 2024:

Variant Price Filer Tax Non-Filer Tax
Alto VX PKR 2,251,000/- PKR 10,000/- PKR 30,000/-
Alto VXR PKR 2,612,000/-
Alto VXR-AGS PKR 2,799,000/-
Alto VXL-AGS PKR 2,935,000/-
Variant Price Filer Tax Non-Filer Tax
WagonR VXR PKR 3,214,000/- PKR 20,000/- PKR 60,000/-
WagonR VXL PKR 3,412,000/-
WagonR AGS PKR 3,741,000/-


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