Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Naya Pakistan

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. designed for people who cannot buy homes at the current market pricing, is making headway on a fast track. They must also fulfill specific requirements regarding the total revenue of their household. Imran Khan urges investors to seize fleeting opportunities.

NAYA Pakistan Housing Scheme

Investors will not ask more for their source of income. There will be a 5% interest rate for a 5-marla house and 7% for a 10-marla.

Who is eligible to apply for the Naya Pakistan Housing Program? is the query of most people.

Form for the Naya Pakistan housing scheme.

How  to Download Form

The National Database and Registration Authority’s (NADRA) website offered the application for download. If the family’s monthly gross income fell within the following range, the applicants had to disclose it:

  1. Less than PKR 20,000
  2. Between PKR 20,001 and PKR 40,000
  3. Between PKR 40,001 and 60,000
  4. Between PKR 60,001 and PKR 100,000
  5. More than PKR 100,000

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Eligibility Criteria for Housing Scheme Naya Pakistan

The eligibility requirement for the Naya Pakistan system is that after submitting the PKR 250 form, only one person may apply. Nadra got some requests shortly after the program’s introduction. Among them, half a million are now digital. To put it succinctly and in full, the NPHP qualifying requirements are as follows.

Naya Pakistan

  1. Only one man or woman per family can apply (husband/wife).
  2. A fee of PKR 250 is to be submitted along with the registration form.
  3. Individuals earning between PKR 10,000 and PKR 25,000 per month would be given preference.
  4. Poor and deserving people who do not own any independent properties in Pakistan will be preferred.
  5. Labour class
  6. Lower middle class
  7. Middle class

These homes will be made available to all of the aforementioned groups with a down payment ranging from 10% to 25%. Banks offer home loan facilities with suitable terms and circumstances that allow payments to be settled over a maximum of 20 years.

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