Humqadam Program

Humqadam Program

Humqadam Program for unconditional cash transfers typically has a direct impact on helping beneficiaries meet their immediate financial needs. In the long run, though, aids in removing individuals from abject poverty. The population covered by money transfers and the funding allotted for their implementation are the key determinants of their efficacy.

Unconditional financial transfers are always allowed and must be disclosed to the qualified beneficiaries in circumstances of persistent poverty, illness, short-term deceit, delivery of enough food, etc. Humqadam Program is for poor and deserving people. You can use the application to spend the money however you like.

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Humqadam Program

PWDs and PWDs frequently depend on others to meet their needs. However, the public sector in Pakistan and Punjab provides persons with special needs with comparatively little monetary and material support.. The offered assistance is typically only available once or once a year, so PWDs’ coverage is different from that of regular financial aid.

Humqadam Program Registration

Punjab’s Humqadam Program provides underprivileged PWDs with unconditional care transfers. 2000 rupees in monetary support is given to those with impairments. The beneficiary base of this program will increase yearly based on life verification and new beneficiary registration. The main objective of the Humqadam initiative is to improve the socioeconomic standing of Punjab’s special people.


Helping individuals is one of the fundamental objectives of social security, and this program will provide cash assistance to specific people so they may maintain a minimal standard of living. This program is available to all Punjabi residents who qualify. Under Humqadam Program all deserving people get 2000.

Humqadam Objectives:

  • Enhance the social inclusion of unique populations in Punjab.
  • to ease the quality of life for persons with disabilities.
  • should rely less on each person’s social network.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The poverty score, or PMT, as it is known in the National and Social Security Administration, should be thirty or less as the Benazir Income Support Program has been established with BISP Economic Registry NSER.
  • A deserving person must possess a Nadra-issued special CNIC graduate.
  • Then he can register for Humqadam program.

How to Register for Humqadam Program

  • To begin, select Online Registration from the menu.
  • After that, a form will be provided there.
  • Enter your National Identity Card number and the code shown in the image in this form.
  • Your eligibility will then be explained to you.
  • If you are eligible, you will receive Rs. 2000 in monthly support.

Monthly Aid for Disabled Persons

The Punjab government claims that a budget of 3.5 billion rupees has been set aside for the support of laborers and deserveds. To help registered Pakistani nationals who are disabled in all cities of Pakistan but still unable to work, they would receive four-thirds of the whole sum. Each eligible person will receive monthly assistance of Rs. 2000. This states that disabled people will receive Rs 1500 per month, plus an additional Rs 1000 in government support.


The Humqadam Program is what?

In Punjab, the Humqadam scheme is a subpar unconditional care transfer scheme. Disabled people receive 2000 rupees in cash help each month. This program welcomes new disabled participants each year. Those who gain from this financial assistance.

Who can participate in the Humqadam Program?

The Humqadam Program is open to everyone who lives in Pakistan and has a disability certificate. Men and women of all ages who are particularly disabled are the target audience for this program.

How do I submit a Humqadam Program application?

For your application, you can go to the Humqadam program’s official online web platform. You must enter your information there, including your CNIC number and any relevant handicap information.


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