HBL Ready Cash Loan | Personal Loan

HBL Ready Cash Loan

HBL Ready Cash Loan: this is a comprehensive and practical answer to all of your basic and financial demands. Low-interest rates and various repayment choices are offered for this loan. Furthermore, no collateral or guarantors are needed. The application process is simple. The greatest choice for people looking for a quick and easy loan is the HBL Ready Cash Loan. For people looking for a loan to cover an immediate financial need, it’s the perfect option.

HBL Ready Cash Loan:

Important and Salient Features:

  • Get up to PKR 3 million HBL Loan.
  • Markup is charged on the daily balance only on the amount used.
  • Withdrawal through HBL Debit Card or Check Book
  • Enable 24/7 access to HBL Phone Banking.
  • Annual renewal of the facility is subject to fulfillment of requirements.
  • Free and easy life insurance              
  • After every 12 months, the limit is increased.
  • Attractive and golden discount on HBL Debit Card


HBL Ready Cash Loan | Personal Loan

How Can you Use your HBL Ready Cash?

  • Through Visa Debit Cards
  • Check Book (To be applied through HBL branch only)
  • Pay order

HBL Ready Cash Loan Eligibility Criteria:

  • You can apply for HBL Ready Cash if you meet the following criteria:
  • For self-employed entrepreneurs/sole proprietors/partners
  • The duration of the individual’s business establishment and the establishment of their association with HBL should not exceed one year and two years, respectively.
  • 25-62 Years Period:
  • This age will be applied to the business class and the age period of 25 to 62 years is not necessary for business persons.
  • For Salaried Persons:
  • Must have minimum income PKR 50,000/- with salary deposited in HBL and in addition. The age range of these persons must be between 21-57 years.

Charges Details and Procedure:

  • One-time processing charges of Rs 5,500 or 1.25% of the credit limit whichever is higher.
  • Annual charges of Rs 5,000 will be charged from the end of the first year.
  • The annual markup rate is set at 33%.

Late or Late Payment Charges:

  • Late payment charges will be Rs 1,250.
  • The maximum fee hike limit has also been fixed at Rs 2,500.

Required and Important Documents Required:

For business people and class

  • Photocopy of National Identity Card
  • Account Reinstatement Certificate (where applicable)
  • Registered Partnership Deep (where applicable)

For Salaried Persons and Class:

  • Photocopy of National Identity Card

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Be Eligible to Apply for HBL Ready Cash Loan?

Answer: For Self Employ persons/ Sole Proprietors / Partners etc

If you meet all the following criteria, you can apply for HBL ReadyCash.

The duration of the individual’s business establishment and the establishment of their association with HBL should not exceed one year and two years, respectively.
People who are 25 to 62 years old must have it.

  • For salaried persons
  • Minimum income of PKR.50,000/- along with accumulated salary in HBL
  • Mandatory for persons between 21 to 57 years of age.

How Can We Apply for HBL ReadyCash?

Answer: You can visit your nearest HBL Bank Branch to apply for HBL ReadyCash Loan or call HBL Phone Banking at 111-111-425.​

What facility is given to increase its limit?

Answer: HBL ReadyCash customers can re-apply to increase their limit after 12 months/year.

What Is The Applicable Interest Rate On HBL ReadyCash?

The interest rate on HBL ReadyCash is 33% per annum w.e.f. 1st December 2023. Markup is calculated on the daily outstanding balance. The markup is due in full once a month by the due date specified on the statement.

For further updates, you can visit the latest Schedule of Bank charges updated on www.hbl.com​


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