Green Tractor Scheme For Farmer

Green Tractor Scheme

Green Tractor Scheme For Farmer: The government of Punjab has introduced the Tractor Scheme 2024. The objective of this scheme is to provide tractors to farmers at low cost. This program aims to increase crop production and make farming easier. It’s easy, and information on how to complete the application can be found below.

 A New Green Tractor Scheme

The Punjab government has introduced the Tractor Scheme, under which 10,000 tractors will be provided to poor farmers at low cost. 70% subsidy will be given to small directors and 30% subsidy will be given to big tractors. Farmers need ID cards to apply. This scheme aims to facilitate access to these tractors for farmers.

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Purpose of Punjab Tractor Scheme: To make farming easier for farmers:

  • The aim is to provide tractors at low cost.
  • 60% subsidy for big tractors: and 70% for small tractors.
  • Facilitating farming activities for farmers.
  • To provide easy access to tractors for poor farmers who have not yet bought a tractor.
  • Launched in Punjab, with an online portal registration.
  • The registration procedure is further provided.

How To Register For The Green Tractor Scheme

 To the Punjab Official Green Tractor Scheme Portal and select the registration option. Fill out the form with all  Fill out the form with all necessary details. the details. Click on the registration button and submit your application online. Permission will be checked. If you are already a part of this scheme, you will be notified by a message after some time.

 Govt  Punjab 10,000 Tractor Green Scheme From

The first phase of the scheme aims to distribute 10,000 tractors to Punjabi farmers, in which a 30% subsidy will be given to big tractors and 70% to small tractors. The registration process is ongoing, but farmers can easily participate. Maryam Nawaz emphasized the importance of this scheme to bring maximum benefits to the poor farmers of Punjab. The scheme is designed to be easily accessible and beneficial.


The Punjab government has introduced it by providing tractors to farmers at low interest rates. This scheme consists of 10 thousand small tractors and 9 thousand 900 large tractors. Residents of Punjab can apply for the scheme through an online portal. Registration details are available for easy submission.


What is the Punjab Green Tractor Scheme?

Punjab Tractor Scheme aims to provide 10,000 tractors to farmers at a concessional rate to increase crop production and make the farming process much easier.

Who is eligible to apply for the scheme?

Holders of valid National Identity Cards can apply for the Punjab Residency Scheme.

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