Ehsaas Masawaat Program 8171

Ehsaas Masawaat Program 8171

The Ehsaas Masawaat Program 8171 attempts to uphold transgender people’s rights. In industrialized nations, the government introduces social assistance programs for public assistance programs to help families trapped in poverty.

For instance, the government must offer price subsidies for the general populace, school transportation, electricity bills, and discounts for important services to compensate for the public’s lack of access to health, education, and food.

The government must offer the utmost assistance to eligible transgender people who are a part of society for the same reasons.

احساس مساوات پروگرام 8171 خواجہ سراؤں کے حقوق کو برقرار رکھنے کی کوشش کرتا ہے۔ صنعتی ممالک میں، حکومت عوامی امداد کے پروگراموں کے لیے سماجی امداد کے پروگرام متعارف کراتی ہے جس کا مقصد معاشرے میں غربت میں پھنسے خاندانوں کی مدد کرنا ہے۔ مثال کے طور پر، حکومت کو عوام کی صحت، تعلیم اور خوراک تک رسائی کی کمی کو پورا کرنے کے لیے عام آبادی، اسکول کی نقل و حمل، بجلی کے بلوں، اور اہم خدمات کے لیے رعایت کی قیمتوں میں سبسڈی پیش کرنی چاہیے۔ حکومت کو چاہیے کہ وہ ان اہل ٹرانسجینڈر لوگوں کو ہر ممکن مدد فراہم کرے جو انہی وجوہات کی بنا پر معاشرے کا حصہ ہیں۔

Ehsaas Masawaat Program New Update 2024

To address these difficulties, the Punjabi government established the 8171 Ehsaas Masawaat Program under the Translator Personal Welfare Policy.

Click here for Registration Ehsaas Amdan Program New Update August 2023

Ehsaas Masawaat Program 8171

Through this initiative, senior transgender women will receive Rs 30,000 per month, and transgender women with disabilities will receive Rs 20,000. Any HBL account agent in Punjab can provide this sum.

Ehsaas Masawat Program Check Online by CNIC

Register in the same program as the program yourself if you want to participate in the Ehsaas Equality program online. Additionally, the process is the same. It would help if you input your CNIC, card number, and phone number to register, and you will then be included in the Ehsaas Masawaat program.

The objective of the Ehsas Masawaat program

  • supplying registered transsexual women in Punjab with small business loans
  • This program offers low-income transgender women in Punjab interest-free loans of at least one lakh for their businesses.
  • The Punjab Government offers substantial assistance to disabled and underprivileged transgender women in the areas of education, food, and medication.
  • 30,000 rupees a month for transgender women who are elderly or in their late years, and up to 20,000 rupees for those who are crippled.

Eligibility Criteria of the Masawaat Program

  • Transgender people must be between the ages of 18 and 40 to be eligible for an elderly transgender identity card.
  • Disability-Related Transgender Individual Identity Card
  • Transgender people who qualify can register at any Punjab Bank branch.

Program Ehsaas Masawaat Online Registration

  • The Equality Program of the Punjab Government has begun an online web portal for transgender people.
  • The purpose of this program is to advance social and cultural advancement.
  • Any Punjab Bank branch would be able to register any eligible transgender individuals.


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