Ehsaas Khidmat Card

Ehsaas Khidmat Card How To Check Online Balance

Ehsaas Khidmat Card How To Check Online Balance. To provide money to disabled people as quickly as possible, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Mr. Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, works day and night on this program to offer funding for eliminating disabilities in children, youth, and the elderly in Punjab. The Punjab government has handed 65000 Khidmat cards to the province’s disabled citizens over the past three months.

Punjab Khidmat Card

In 2022, the Pakistani government made excellent progress for people with disabilities. The Punjab Khitmat Card Program, as it was initially called, was established in 2014. To ensure that no one entitled is denied, the Punjab provincial administration is continuously working on it and extending this program to additional cities and villages around the state.

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Ehsaas Khidmat Card

Ehsaas Khidmat Card In Punjab 2024

For qualified candidates, the Punjab provincial government has set up the availability of ATM cards and Ehsaas Khidmat Cards, which are available through the Punjab Bank. So that no one can be cheated by government departments and get their money easily.

A commendable initiative of the Punjabi province government is its offer of a loan under the Prime Minister’s Loan Scheme to a qualified disabled person who wishes to launch his own business. The Punjabi government also intended to give disabled people access to medical equipment.


People can check on their spouses or apply for payment using the service card.

Reintroducing that servant’s money into the system is being done to aid individuals, and Pakistan is one of the countries where these schemes have been launched.

How to Check the Balance of  Khidmat Card 2024 Online?

  • The Punjab government’s program is a wonderful one, and it’s succeeding splendidly.
  • Ehsaas Khidmat Card Eligibility 2023-24 Balance Check Online.

The eligibility for the Punjab Khidmat Card is not determined by any predetermined standards. Since there is no upper age limit, all people with disabilities are eligible to enroll in the service card program.

If you haven’t received any money yet, visit an HBL machine or an Ehsaas survey center and enter your ID card number and phone number to receive an OT on your phone. Utilize an OTP and the 786 Program to receive payment. Now, those who qualify will receive 6,000 from the nearby Punjab Bank with ease after three months.

Eligibility Criteria

No particular requirements for participation in the Punjab Khidmat Card Program have been made public by the Punjabi government. Since there is no upper age limit for people with impairments in Punjab, everyone with a disability is qualified to apply for the Khidmat card program.

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  • A  request form.
  • You can download the Khidmat card application form here.


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