E-Bikes Program

E-Bikes Program

E-Bikes And Buses Program: Today, Maryam Nawaz, the newly elected chief minister of Punjab, unveiled plans to empower the youth with free bus rides, iPads, and e-bikes to help students cut down on transportation expenses. Following the approval of two major transportation projects in Punjab by the nation’s first female chief minister, around 20,000 e-bikes and 657 public buses are expected to be put on the road.

 E-Bikes Program For Punjab Government Students

The e-bike program will facilitate participation in this notion by youth, working women, students, and individuals with disabilities. The goal of this transportation plan was to address the issues faced by college and university-bound students.

Details about program
Number of E-Bikes 20,000 e-bikes
Number of public buses  657 public buses 


Applications Available Online for the free E-Bikes Program

The free e-bike program will accept online applications starting next month, while Punjab Bank plans to offer student loans to assist the most populous areas of the nation. The convenience of payment in the new system enables students in schools and universities to purchase e-bikes at the best possible price.

Distinct Allotments for Male and Female Pupils

 The program is scheduled to be expanded to smaller cities in Punjab when its initial phase of implementation in large cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Faisalabad is completed. In the program, there will be distinct quotas for male and female students. To guarantee the success and efficiency of the student application process for the e-bike program, it will be meticulously overseen.

Most Recent Update E-Bikes Program (2024)

Those who are interested can apply to the government Web Portal and visit in May of this year to receive approval. The Punjab Chief Minister also gave the order to lower student advance payments and set up buses for every tehsil in the province.

Survey on the Progress of the Transport Project

CM Maryam assessed the status of the student comfort transportation project at the meeting with senior authorities. The buses would be deployed in key cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and Bahawalpur during the initial phase. In a related move, Maryam Nawaz suggested lowering the price of affordable housing and establishing a deadline for securing land for the city’s massive housing development. Additionally, it brought forward policies aimed at bringing down housing costs overall.


Women’s transportation to school was established specifically for students planning to pursue higher education. They had a ton of issues to deal with. So Punjab’s CM made this choice. This program has potential benefits for people in Punjab. So, if you also wish to gain from this program. Thus, please carefully study this article. 

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