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Canada University Victoria

Canada University of Victoria is one of the top global universities. We offer inventive programs to over 21,000 scholars on our colorful and welcoming west seacoast lot. The University of Victoria offers you an edge. Then you will find one of the most exceptional academic surroundings in the world. We’ve designed our disciplines to help you make an important impact on people, places, and the earth.

Community connection, stunning panoramic, and fascinating openings await you at UVIC. Then, you will have the people who encourage you in living your morals and values that enable you to take action, and multiple programs and encouragement that give you the chops you need in a competitive job request. We know you want the stylish for the world. Let’s make it together.

Canada University Victoria Scholarship Funding & Employment

Every time, UVic awards$ 12 million to help fund graduate scholars through a combination of UVic fellowships and awards tutoring assistantships exploration assistantships Most of our scholars also receive external awards literacy, and fiscal aid and backing.

Canada University UVIC Awards & Fellowships

We award guarantors to graduate scholars of high academic standing. UVic fellowships of over 17,500 per time( master’s) and 20,000 per time(Ph.D.) UVic graduate awards of over 10,000 per time( master’s and Ph.D.) Academic units make an advertisement with specific backing details for their scholars. Eligibility National and transnational scholars are considered inversely for funding You need an A- grade on your last two times of course work. ( This change doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get an award.)

Canada University Victoria Scholarship

Full-time enrollment (3.0 units) is needed for a UVIC fellowship. Part-time enrollment (1.5 units) is needed for UVic graduate awards We consider 1.5 units full-time for scholars who are registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning( CAL). According to your academic unit you’ll be automatically considered for all these awards when you apply for admission. Explore the full list of graduate backing openings available to you at UVic.

Canada University | External Awards & Fellowships

Different public and parochial backing agencies fund graduate scholars and their exploration every time. You’ll need to apply for each external award and fellowship independently. Each competition is unique, so be sure to read every operation precisely.


We offer non-refundable bursaries grounded on fiscal need. To be eligible for backing you must be formally entering the maximum government pupil loans available to you In full-time- time status as determined by the Faculty of Graduate Studies In good academic achievements

How To Apply For Bursaries

tutoring & exploration assistantships Every time we hire numerous graduate scholars to help with tutoring, exploration, and lab instruction. tutoring abets( TAs) are hired by their academic units to help with tutoring and grading courses. These are organized, hourly positions. exploration sidekicks( RAs) are signed by faculty members to help with their exploration. These places are occasionally called scientific sidekicks or laboratory preceptors.

Canada University Scholarship For International Students:

Exploration sidekicks hires come from faculty members ’ exploration finances. Because of this, RA hours, payment charges, and other details are worked out between you and the faculty member. communicate with your academic unit’s graduate counsel for further details about these positions and disciplines. United Education Program( hutch) UVic is the largest graduate hutch program in Canada. You can add a hutch to your master’s or doctoral studies for work experience in your field of study as per your interest in Work study. The work-study discipline offers part-time jobs on a lot that’s suitable around your course schedule.

Top 8 Scholarships by Canadian Universities

  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Programme
  • The University of Waterloo Scholarship
  • UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
  • University of Alberta Scholarships
  • University Victoria Scholarship For International Students

Eligibility Criteria For Canadian University

To be eligible you must Be a
full- time pupil
Reveal or indicate fiscal need
Have a valid Social Insurance Number( SIN)
Need help?
still, stay in touch with your UVic graduate pupil beginner, If you have any questions about the operation process and studying at UVic. still, communicate your discipline


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