Benazir Taleemi Wazifa

BISP Restarted Benazir Taleemi Wazifa

Benazir Taleemi Wazifa: To every family benefited from BISP Benazir Taleemi Wazifa and the Benazir Kafalat Program: Fantastic news! If you haven’t received your kids’ Wazaif money yet, visit the closest location to pick up the latest installment. Don’t panic if your family’s allowance abruptly stopped—it’s not the end. Finish the survey to get the next two installments. The Benazir Income Support Program is the new name for the Ehsaas program. Visit the closest BISP office to apply for financial aid, and sign up your child for improved Wazaif as soon as possible.

BISP Restarted Benazir Taleemi Wazifa

بی آئی ایس پی تعلیم وظیف اور بے نظیر کفالت پروگرام سے مستفید ہونے والے ہر خاندان کے لیے: شاندار خبر! اگر آپ نے ابھی تک اپنے بچوں کے وظیفے کی رقم وصول نہیں کی ہے تو تازہ ترین قسط لینے کے لیے قریب ترین مقام پر جائیں۔ اگر آپ کے خاندان کا الاؤنس اچانک بند ہو جائے تو گھبرائیں نہیں۔ اگلی دو قسطیں حاصل کرنے کے لیے سروے مکمل کریں۔ بے نظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام احساس پروگرام کا نیا نام ہے۔ مالی امداد کے لیے درخواست دینے کے لیے قریب ترین BISP دفتر جائیں، اور اپنے بچے کو بہتر وظیف کے لیے جلد از جلد سائن اپ کریں۔

Benazir Taleemi Wazifa

The Benazir Taleemi Waziaf Program is still accepting applications. This is a fantastic chance if you believe that your child will seek higher education. To register, go to the tehsil office that is closest to you. The scholarship money is awarded to participants who meet the program’s requirements.

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The mother must get payment from a comparable sponsorship program, the child must attend school more than 70% of the time, and the mother must visit the closest office to confirm the survey procedure.

Benazir Taleemi Wazifa

Here are some of the eligibility criteria for the Benazir Income Support Program:

  • The monthly income should be less than 30 thousand rupees.
  • Cannot meet basic needs.
  • The child should have more than 70% school attendance.
  • No member of the family should be in government employment.
  • You should not have any personal vehicle or land.
  • The child’s mother’s name should be on the child’s B-form.

The new installment of unique educational scholarships for eligible students has started. If you are registered, get your monthly installment easily. Transparency measures are strictly maintained, to include more households and verify all households through surveys. The survey aims to find out the poor families and provide them with more support

BISP Taleemi Wazaif Qist

For qualified students, the latest installment of Benazir Taleemi Wazaif has started. Get your monthly installment easily if you’re registered. Open policies are put into place to include more households and confirm them through surveys.


Finding disadvantaged families to receive the most support is the aim of the survey. Don’t panic if you haven’t received the scholarship yet. Bring the children’s form to the Benazir office that is closest to you for help.

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