Advance Salary Loan

Advance Salary Loan

Advance Salary Loan: The largest financial system in Pakistan, the National Bank of Pakistan, is complete for all of your wants and demands. Due to your limited income, it frequently appears impossible to meet your fundamental necessities and purchase various items that pique your curiosity. With the Advance Salary Scheme, you can take advantage of your salary early in the form of a loan of up to 3 million rupees, with minimal markup rates and simple installments over a maximum of 60 months at your discretion.

Advance Salary Loan Benefits

Salient characteristics of a wage loan

  • Take advantage of financing up to Rs. 3 million using your income.
  • Minimum Rate of Mark-up
  • Simple payments over a maximum of 60 months, at your discretion
  • swift disbursement and processing.
  • No collateral, insurance, or minimum income requirements apply to permanent workers of the government, semi-government, or autonomous bodies that get compensation through NBP.


Eligibility Criteria National Bank of Pakistan Advance Salary Loan

Terms and Conditions

NBP Advance Salary Loan is given to the following NBP Account Owners:

Eligibility Criteria

Permanent Federal, Provincial, Semi-Governmental, and Independent Bodies that NBP compensates.

Financing Limit

A maximum of 20 net take-home salaries are available; however, they must be at most Rs. 3,000,000 Lac.


The maximum lease of the NBP Advance Salary Finance is 5 years (60 months).

Age Limit

When the loan matures, the borrower’s maximum age cannot be more than 59 years and six months.

Processing Fee

For New Customers: Rs.2000/ or 2% of loan amount either higher, subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs.20,000/-

For Rollover Customers: Rs.2000/- or 2% of net fresh/enhanced amount whichever is higher, subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs.20,000/-

Required Documents for an Advance Salary Loan from National Bank of Pakistan

  • Signed the application.
  • Loan Declaration Form, properly executed.
  • Binding the automated debit authorization and the standing instruction letter.
  • A certified copy of the National Identity Card (CNIC).


Salary slip (originally viewed or confirmed by the branch manager). Salary certificate mentioning breakup. The amount to be credited to the account for the net salary must match the amount specified in the breakdown.

Markup Rate for Advance Salary Loans at National Bank of Pakistan

The annual fixed advance salary markup rate is 18%.

Utilize the National Bank of Pakistan Advance paycheck Loan Calculator

  • To receive up to Rs. 3 million in financing against your paycheck.
  • A margin rate that is less than 18%
  • Simple installments, based on your selection, for up to 60 months.


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